About Bowen & Bowen

Our Mission

Pursuing Excellence for a Stronger Belize.

Our Guiding Principles


Bowen & Bowen, Ltd. was established in 1932 and has always been Belizean. Belize is our home, and we pledge to continue being a driving force to this nation and make ethical business decisions for B&B and for Belize.


Leadership doesn’t come from one person; leadership is the actualisation of a common goal with a shared vision. To achieve this type of leadership, we pledge to create an atmosphere of cooperation and openness.


Our strength is our family of employees, and as we grow, we must not lose sight of this. We pledge to respect everyone in our family of employees and create an environment where the individual feels appreciated.


Our mission, “Pursuing Excellence for a Stronger Belize” is nothing without our customers. We pledge to give our customers the same respect we give our colleagues and to treat them as our extended family.

Our History

  • 1752


    Henry Bowen came to Belize.

  • 1792

    Mannfeild Bowen

    Mannfeild William Bowen arrived in Belize.

  • 1805


    Mannfeild Bowen marries Mary Hickey.

  • 1932


    Bowen & Bowen, Ltd (B&B), a general trading company, was established by Eric W. M. Bowen and his brother Richard.

  • 1938

    Richard Moves

    Richard Bowen moved to California, USA and Eric bought his shares.

  • 1944

    Crystal Bottling Co.

    B&B establish Crystal Bottling Company and began bottling Crystal Lemonade, In Belize Lemonade referred to Carbonated Flavored Beverages.

  • 1962

    Coca-Cola Bottling

    B&B became the Coca-Cola Bottler.

  • 1965

    Barry Bowen Joins

    Barry M. Bowen joined his father’s company.

  • 1969

    Belize Brewing Company

    Eric & Barry establish Belize Brewing Company, started as a partnership with Cerveceria Hondureña S.A. With Cerveceria Hondureña S.A. holding 51%, Eric M. Bowen 24.5%, Barry M. Bowen 24.5%.

  • 1977

    Barry Buys Shares

    Barry M. Bowen bought his father’s shares in B&B.

  • 1981

    Independent Belize Brewing

    Barry M. Bowen bought Cerveceria Hondureña S.A.’s shares in Belize Brewing Company.

  • 1983

    Belize Estate & Produce

    Barry M. Bowen bought Belize Estate & Produce Company.

  • 1988

    BEC & Gallon Jug

    Belize Estate & Produce Company renamed Belize Estate Company and Gallon Jug Agroindustry was formed.

  • 1995


    Established Belize Aquaculture Limited – the first environmentally friendly shrimp farm.

  • 2000

    New Brewery

    Belize Brewing built a new state of the art Steinekery (Krones) Brewery.

  • 2000

    Michael Joins

    Michael H. M. Bowen joined his father company.

  • 2010

    New Leadership

    Barry M. Bowen died and was succeeded by his son Michael H. M. Bowen.

  • 2012


    Sold 50% of Belize Aquaculture and spun our the Warstila Power Plant to establish Blair Athol Power Company.

  • 2014

    New Facility

    Crystal Bottling Company built the John Armstrong Memorial Building.

Our Senior Leadership Team

Michael H. M. Bowen
Chief Executive Officer
Claudio Ferrera
Chief Financial Officer
Mark Denton
Chief Business Officer
Shelley S. Bowen
Chief Creative Officer
Hilberto Martinez
Chief External Affairs Officer
Kevin M. Bowen
Chief of Operations
Nolan Michael
Chief Production Officer
Evita Romero
Director of Human Resources