Belize Beverage Company

Belize Beverage Company (BevCo) is the leading production, sales, and distribution organisation in Belize.

What is BevCo?

With a wide array of world-class beverage brands in different categories, BevCo has been quenching the thirst of local consumers, as well as visitors, for over seven decades. Whether beer, soft drinks, water, juice, isotonic beverages, iced tea, energy drinks or ice, the company delivers quality offerings to every corner of the country, satisfying consumer needs for all their beverage occasions, and driving consistent value for over 5,000 retail customers.

BevCo is a creation from a merger between Crystal Bottling Company, the leading Soft Drink and Non-Alcohol beverage company in Belize, and Belize Brewing Company, the leading Brewery and ready-to-drink beverages with alcohol in Belize. The ambition of this merger was to create a total beverage company.

In 2017, Belize Beverage Company established a strategic alliance with Heineken International BV, which acquired a minority stake in the company. With this alliance and the global best practices, BevCo is positioned to continue growing and offering more of the brands its consumers love for generations to come.

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