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Bowen & Bowen, Ltd Shared Services

Pursuing Excellence for a Better Belize

Though the companies under our holding umbrella operate as self contained business units, sometimes there are modules that are unfeasible to implement "in house". For cases like that, our Shared Services are an efficient and cost effective solution. As part of our portfolio, we provide Investment, Accounting, Human Resource Management, and Sakkisime & Co services.

Our Team's Promise:

  • Scalable solutiuons & Campaigns
  • Super Fast Customer Support
  • Maximized ROI

Services Include


There is power behind numbers, and we will give you the accountability to maximize that.


There is power in People, and we can match you to the right talent, and develop the talent you already have.

Sakkisime & Co

There is power in marketing, and our team will leverage that power to grow your business.

Let's Vest

It is our mission to Pursue excellence for a stronger Belize. A strong economy encourages strong people, and that makes a strong country,

  • Local Entrepreneur Support
  • Seed Capital
  • Administrative Support
  • Mentoring

Truly ideal solutions for your budding business.

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