Belize Aquaculture Ltd

About BAL

Since its formation in 1996, BAL has focused on the research and development of environmentally sustainable shrimp culture practices, utilizing improved breeding stocks, a strict no antibiotic or chemical usage protocol, environmental controls, and advanced culture systems to ensure biosecurity.

BAL demonstrated that the Pacific White Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) could be cultured under bio-secure conditions, separating the farming activities from the surrounding environment, and achieving production levels of 10,000 pounds per acre per crop without the use of antibiotics or chemicals.


BAL has always been in the vanguard regarding technology to manage and control aquatic systems.

It has one of the world's best vertically integrated sustainable shrimp aquaculture facilities, including an R&D facility, maturation hatchery, larval rearing facility, production ponds, state-of-the-art processing and packaging plant, as well as on-site housing for all critical employees.


Bowen & Bowen has a 50% ownership stake in BAL, which has 68 x 1.6-hectare production ponds that can produce approximately 7.5m lbs of shrimp per year under favourable conditions.