Corporate Citizen's Committee


In the same way we are “Proud to be B&B”, we take pride in the contributions we make in all the communities in which we operate.

Bowen & Bowen is a Belizean company at heart, and our employees, who come from all corners of the country, are committed to the betterment of their communities through volunteerism.

What are Good citizens?

Being good citizens means that we take the time to identify where we can be of service, share our time and skills and make a team effort to improve the lives of those around us. At Bowen & Bowen our purpose is to pursue excellence for a stronger Belize.

We hold Community as a core value of our role in society, hence we think and act for the good of our country. Our employees seek opportunities to positively impact on various aspects of society – education, health, the environment.

The possibilities are endless, and we are proud to build a stronger Belize along with you!