People & Culture

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People & Culture

A driving force behind Bowen & Bowen’s success is the strength and diversity of its people. To optimise the performance of this talented workforce, P&C Services partners with each Business Unit, supporting in the management of human capital; which is the essential resource. Positioned as a vital link between the needs of the organisation and its people, P&C works to create a collaborative environment that promotes learning, growth, and development in four functional areas.

With the four functional areas working cohesively, P&C Services supports the organisations’ goal to always be the best in everything we do, from providing the best products and services to being the employer of choice in Belize

People & Culture

Our Mission

Total Rewards

This unit is dedicated to the execution of compensation and benefits systems that generate positive outcomes in the form of employee retention, productivity, job satisfaction, and service quality. Operating with accuracy and confidentiality, the Total Rewards Team processes payrolls, ensures compliance with Belize Labour Laws and all statutory requirements and implements valuable incentive programs which sustain the organisation's competitive advantage.

Talent Acquisition

Tasked with sourcing the best talent to maintain the highly-skilled, inclusive and diversified Bowen workforce, the Talent Management Team focuses on finding the right people that fit the needs of the organisation. To attract the right talent, the team utilises a variety of innovative recruitment methods and resources, ensuring employment opportunities are widely accessible to all. The team identifies qualified candidates, both internally and externally, by matching the candidates’ competencies with the job requirements.

Engagement & Development

The E&D Team focuses on further developing and recognising talent to ensure the professional growth of our employees. The team coordinates all employee engagement and development initiatives aimed at building Bowen’s employer brand, to create and retain an engaged workforce. The team develops programs geared at enhancing knowledge, celebrating contributions, showing appreciation, encouraging open communication and community involvement to ensure active employee engagement at all levels.

Employee Relations & Compliance

With a focus on nurturing a positive relationship between the employer and employees, the Employee Relations Team works closely with all parties to resolve employees’ concerns, ensuring adherence to personnel practices, policies and labour related matters. The support and guidance provided to all employees helps them understand the terms of their employment and fosters a better working relationship across all levels, businesses and positions. All policies and procedures are developed and implemented, mindful of fairness and consistency for everyone in the workplace. Serving as an intermediary link, the Employee Relations Team provides employees a neutral space to seek advice and attain satisfactory resolutions, while enabling them to confidently embrace organizational changes and feel connected.