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Deep in the rain forests of Western Belize, surrounded by Mayan ruins, lies Chan Chich Lodge. A pioneer in private conservation, the lodge sits on 30,000 acres of wilderness, surrounded by half a million acres of conservation lands, providing what many believe to be the best wildlife-viewing opportunity in the Americas.


Since its founding in 1988, travellers staying at Chan Chich Lodge experience what expeditions of past centuries set out to find: architectural wonders of the ancient Maya lost in the jungle.

With an unparalleled abundance of wildlife (and the best chance to see the elusive jaguar in its natural habitat) Chan Chich is a fantastic destination for naturalists, birders, and those seeking an authentic retreat to the jungle.

And, by staying at Chan Chich Lodge, each guest is directly contributing to ongoing efforts to protect both the natural and cultural heritage of Belize.


All of the locally crafted cottages in Chan Chich situate in a Main Plaza of a Mayan Temple the property protects. The design of the cottages was inspired by traditional Mayan architecture, with vaulted thatched roofs and wrap around verandas. The comfortable indoor/outdoor restaurant and bar provides a variety of unique Belizean dishes, as well as an array of international flavours using the finest in local ingredients.

And thanks to its large working farm, Chan Chich sources most of its food products from right on the premises.


On foot, horseback, in a canoe, or a vehicle, Chan Chich offers a wide variety of on-site tours and activities. From the rainforest to Mayan sites, Laguna Verde or the coffee plantations of Gallon Jug, there is something for everyone.

Chan Chich Lodge