Belize Natural Gas


The principal activity of the National Gas Company (Belize) Limited (“NGC”) is the sale and distribution of Liquified Petroleum Gas (“LPG”). Through an agreement between NGC and the Government of Belize, an LPG marine terminal will be built that is capable of receiving LPG directly from the USGC and storing 150% of Belize’s current monthly demand.

LPG is a vital product that sustains the economic activity of the country as it is used for cooking, agriculture, and to power motor vehicles.


The development of the project concept and design was to reduce inefficiencies and risks associated with Belize's supply chain for the supply of LPG.

NCG will source quality LPG at optimal prices, have it shipped to a state-of-the-art depot designed for bulk storage located at Big Creek Port, with proper safety features in place, from where it will sell to local distributors and retailers.

Bowen & Bowen is a minority shareholder (6%) of NGC.