Coca-Cola Water Replenishment Project

The water replenishment project is a worldwide initiative by the Coca-Cola Company. It aims to return to nature the amount of water equivalent to what it uses in finished beverages and production and maintain watershed health.

We are proud that Gallon Jug Estate is part of this project as the Sylvester River runs through the property and forms a part of the Rio Hondo watershed. The project intends to protect and conserve biodiversity and ecosystems within the 100-hectare land area. Maintaining forest cover on the property is essential to maintaining water quality and quantity for agricultural and domestic use in surrounding communities. There are protocols in place for water quality and quantity monitoring and reporting.

Jeddiah Vasquez with his winning submission

This program ensures the continuous protection of a water resource, biodiversity, and carbon sequestration – the process of capturing and storing atmospheric carbon dioxide and contributing to reducing global climate change.

The residents of Sylvester Village have assisted in keeping the water clean and contamination-free. The area will also be protected from logging activities.

The Coca-Cola Company invited the Casey Community School students to participate in a water replenishment poster competition. The kids were super excited to express their ideas on how to protect the river. They illustrated how they imagine the river would look protected, a dream river they wish to see, and comparisons between a protected and unprotected Sylvester River. It is important that the children are aware of and participate in this project to safeguard the river, land, and fauna from pollution, deforestation, and degradation now and in the future.