Michael H M Bowen

Michael H M Bowen

President / Chief Executive Officer / Chairman

An eighth-generation Belizean, whose family first came to Belize in 1752, Michael joined the family business in 2000. After spending over a decade working every aspect of Bowen & Bowen’s operations, from bottling Crystal Water to tending shrimp at Belize Aquaculture, Michael learned what it takes to manage a successful business.

In 2010 Michael became the CEO of Bowen & Bowen, and his first order of business was to refocus the company’s objectives and strategies. “The goal was to make Bowen & Bowen a company for Belize and create a workplace that makes everyone proud.”

Michael commenced an investment cycle to modernize B&B’s enterprise resource planning, IT infrastructure, and equipment. He introduced policies to invest in people with training and education and created a policy of equal opportunity employment. Everything from Production & Distribution, Sales & Marketing, and People & Culture received a fresh new look.

With the renewed energy and focus, Bowen & Bowen continues to grow its existing businesses and expand beyond beverages. Michael continues to push Bowen & Bowen’s mission statement, Pursuing excellence for a stronger Belize.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Arts in Markets & Management from Duke University

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