Mark Denton

Mark Denton

Chief Marketing Officer

In his role as Chief Marketing Officer for Bowen & Bowen, Mark Denton is responsible for stewarding brand development across the Group’s different business units, defining core growth strategies for the brands, and identifying new business opportunities.
Mark has three decades of marketing, sales and strategic planning experience. For ten years he worked as a commercial strategist and business consultant in over 25 countries, providing services to a variety of organizations, including The Coca-Cola Company and its bottling partners, Mattel, Sony, Bayer, The Bermudez Group, and Angostura. His areas of expertise include brand and commercial strategies, as well as customer relationships, with a focus on high-velocity consumer goods.

Prior to consulting, Mark worked for The Coca-Cola Company, holding various roles over his 20 years in the organization, including Region Manager for Central America, and Key Account Director for the 32 countries in the Latin Center Business Unit.

Mark is the author of “The Efficiency Trap: Maximizing Business Growth in Central America by Embracing Diversity and Avoiding the Pitfalls of Over-Standardization”. He has a BS in Marketing from the University of Florida.

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