Two-5 Brewing

About Two-5

Continuous brewing innovation and experimentation require a small, agile operation designed to search out new recipes and flavours and bring them to life. Two-5 Brewing, established in 2019, is designed to take input from the market, customers, and consumers and quickly develop novel offerings that combine international beer styles with local Belizean ingredients. The world-class, small-batch craft brews produced by Two-5 provide consumers with a variety of bold and unique taste experiences.

The Two-5 brand represents the Belizean character of close friendships and sharing new experiences with those friends. Symbolising the spirit of friendship, Two-5’s recipes bring the broad world of beer and combine it with the flavours of Belize.

Manufacturing takes place in Ladyville, next to Di Bruwry, which allows consumers to visit the Two-5 Brewing facility, see the production of the unique brews, sample a variety of great-tasting recipes, and enjoy some food and snacks.

Two-5 Brewing